About Cheltenham  Walking Club

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Cheltenham Walking Club is a new community established as a mean of helping more people get physically and mentally fit & active. 

Started in December 2020, the groups began as a new offering of Cheltenham Running Club (now Cheltenham Running and Walking Club).

The walking community has grown to a level worthy of it's own title and now boasts it's own leader and various committees which keep the member experience evolving. 

Meet the Team

Founder and Head Coach: Conor Graham

Having moved to Cheltenham from New Zealand in 2012, Conor founded Cheltenham Running Club as a means of helping more people to improve health and fitness than ever possible in his personal training business. 

In 2020 he started offering walking groups and the Cheltenham Walking Club was born.  

Conor is a Run England Coach in Running Fitness as well as a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach & Level 3 Personal Trainer. He has been a self employed Fitness Professional since July 2001.

Phone 07580 481454

Walker Representative: Andy Dick

Andy joined Cheltenham Walking Club in May 2021 and quickly stood out as someone ready to drive the new community forward. 

Starting our Saturday Challenge walks lifted the roof on the walking abilities Cheltenham Walking Club can cater for.  

Andy organises all Saturday walks with the group leaders and handles most walking related decisions within the club. 

Head Physiotherapist: Katie Maddocks

Kate Foster specialises in rehabilitating and preventing injuries through a combination of manual therapy, massage and acupuncture. 

Weekly meetings with the club's head coach mean programmes are optimised and members are well cared for.

Katie has presented a vast range of educational workshops to save members money on Physiotherapy.  

Phone 07580 481454

 The Cheltenham Running and Walking Club Management Committee

 Club Chairman

David Clarke

Club Treasurer

Conor Graham

Social Secretary

Matt Lee

Walker Representative

Andy Dick

Runner Representative

Thomas Cummings



Katie Maddocks